Off My Chest

the_love_we_fight_for_by_kapanihan-d5up3jgThe very moment I met you was instantly captivated . It wasn’t about the notoriety. It wasn’t about your beautiful eyes and your pretty mouth, although they are absolutely fucking striking…

Want to know what drew me in, like a moth to a flame? The aura that surrounds you…phenomenal energy, it actually glows, living   breathing,  pulsing, with glimmering flickers of stunning multicolored lights…akin to Aurora Borealis.  Your charm and the soul that live beneath your eyes…

No. I’m not the controlling, possessive type. Never have been, never will be….just my own insecurities. Dancing on the stage, wishing I’d met you when I was on top of the,world…..when I had loot dripping outta my ass and would travel all over the fucking place and had a highly coveted whip, that each of us yearn for so badly.


But of course both of us were tied up in our own shit.  I literally had zero intentions of falling for you, for I…like you have some pretty thick walls from past screw overs.  I’m not even sure exactly I knew you had my heart. Probably when I realized I no longer held it myself.  I feel so scared to let you know how I feel, although based on life experience and the time spend together, I’m pretty certain you already know.




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